Do you think it will be like BG 1 or 2 with 1 PC with 3-6 companions or might it be more like Wasteland 2 with 4 PC characters and up to 3 companions? Or perhaps more like Pathfinder with 1 PC and your pick between exchangable mercanries (none Protagonist PCs) and Companions? Something else entirely? Maybe a mix?

I have a feeling it will be closer to Wasteland 2, you start with a small party of PCs, say 4-6 and you can add say 2-4 companions (pets like Beastmaster's Companion, Paladin Steeds, Familiars and such not counting as Companions). I mean it sounds like the party is the protangonist for BG 3 not an single individual like in previous BGs. It also makes one wonder what they mean by gather your party, like how and who is doing the gathering. Is their a party leader. Can the PC (if I'm wrong and their is a single protangonist) be one of the Companions like on Divinity: Original Sin 2?