Rivendell? I think I lost my way. Dingley Dell, maybe. Or was it Avalon? No, Rivellon, that was it: the ancient name meaning "Land of Many Cheeses".

So, er, anyway. Where was I? A bit of a stupid question as I clearly don't know where I am now. Where am I, then? I think I've just about figured that out.

After attempting to address some questions about The Divine's Best Divinity Game I realised I'd forgotten more than I could remember. And one of the things I'd forgotten is just how long it is since I've played it. No wonder I've forgotten so much stuff. So there it is, lolling at me in the most cheesy way, and as I have literally nothing else to play (this seems to be more true than is reasonable, even if it is largely due to my not-very-particularly gaming requirements) and the past couple of games I've played had no current capacity for modding nor general interference, how could I say no?

For the record, "the last couple of games" being The Outer Worlds and Greedfall: both thoroughly enjoyable; and at a glance both of which seem conspicuously amenable to modding and general interference, but nobody has figured it out yet. True, there was little progress with ED/DKS but it is possible and I've just written reams of crap about how to do it, but now my head hurts and I'm not in the mood to figure out anything else, including which way is up.

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"argh, I seem to have landed amidst a pile of flailing limbs!"

So here I am. I remember bits of it but realise I have forgotten most of it, so it's just like RL, then. So far I've ambled around Farglow and wimbled around Broken Valley leaving a certain degree of chaos in my wake. In hindsight I've realised I've screwed up several times already, which is again like RL. The various screw-ups include but are not limited to telling the simultaneously over-zealous but apparently also quite bone idle town guard superiors that the bandits are in the well-known bandit hide-out. Who'd'a thunk? Well not me, apparently, as I'm now stuck with various useless crap in my rucksack that I can't get rid of and I'm now down a trader. Unless the trader is that scruffy woman who smells of armpits who unexpectedly turned up on the 2nd floor of The Boar's Arse (I think the floor numbering works for both English and US audiences in this case as it's a weird sort of grotto place).

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"Argh, I'm feeling unexpectedly skinny! Why couldn't I have
landed in a place that specialises in cheeses, pies and beer?"

Let me count the ways in which I have screwed up. Actually I can't, and not just because my numbering scheme is mostly limited to "none, one, some". Mostly because my career is careering about from one unplanned disaster to the next. See also not using the scrying globe, for instance, though I did feel like it was looking at me funny.

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"Are you looking at me funny? Also please note that I did not say 'argh' this time. Argh."
"No, I am looking at you in East European. Which means suspiciously, at least in your case."

Er anyway. Things happen, things don't happen, and many of the things that did or didn't happen shouldn't've had have done.

After very much dithering I am now on Sentinel Island.

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"Nice pillar. Nobody seems to be making much use of it so can I take it
home and use it as a pedestal for my cheeseboard? You can keep the mood
lighting though, that sucks."

Er, ANYWAY. I am now on Senile Island having dithered a lot as I'm not especially looking forward to either The Decisions nor The Aftermath. But there's only so much traipsing I can do. I've already taken the decision with Lord Lovis (why is part of my brain now playing a miner's brass band trying to insist that Horde Hovis would be amusing?) and have cast his very being into the eternal soup of damnation thanks to being a complete rotter. I did want to think that maybe I could go for another approach but he seemed way too much "lol I got away with it lol. Also lol. An eternity of fun debauchery and torturing for me. lol!" so I reloaded and had him pwned.

But now I have the much more difficulter decisions about who I need to deal with on Sentinel Island. I know it ultimately doesn't make that much difference, not least as, now I'm playing the revised version, I'm dying very much less on normal difficulty than I was on easy with ED, so it really comes down to who gets a chance. Kenneth never got a chance and I recall his story is actually very sad. I've always chosen Hermosa but tbh she seems slightly desperate. Well, I meanshe is. Then there's Barbatos and Allan. But I recall from previous games that if anything after hiring, Barbatos was actually more personable. Wesson and Radcliff... well I always choose Wesson. Radcliff may be better at weapons but I need to maintain my armour, and how can I deal with Wesson's missus pleading with me in Brummie? And I'm feeling like I'm not fulfilling my duty of care with the two necromancers but I've chosen the one who didn't have a penchant for poisoning people.

Anyway. The main difficulties for me at the moment are Allan/Barbatos (more inclined to go with the latter as I have a vague and possibly inaccurate memory of Allan seeming a bit "lol I got away with it" whereas Barbatos really got into the role) and Hermosa/Kenneth. I think I really need to give Kenneth a chance as I've never picked him before.

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"Oh, just make your bloody mind up. I have a glorious adventure in cheese
awaiting if only you'd get on with it."

J'aime le fromage.